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Key System in Small-scale Business:
In the small scale business, a key system is used where the it is having a key system which controls other types of phones in the business. It can control the functions and features of phones such as the voice mail functions and it is having a security that only one user can handle it at a time, the key system which is used in system phones can dial directly for the extension and an operator who is at KSU unit can supervise entire system and he can ensure that all the users who are in need are met properly. The key system is a new software which is more expandable for the business.
As the technology is getting progressed, these types of business phone systems are more reliable one. The features which were available on the PBX systems is now available on systems which use the key systems. The phone systems which are having PBX features and key systems are together known as Hybrids. The best benefit of KSU system is that it is not wired permanently to the building when compared to other Phone systems. When we move to a new building a there is no problem to move your phone systems because the technology is installed inside the Phone Systems.